#21 Gardener's Cottage
GARDENER'S COTTAGE, now venue for sowing seeds of creativity in local children. Im just a big kid taking a creative photo of a building that is for our younger generations creative imaginations. The time this was taken was at last years Tulip Festival. The tulips are a great finishing touch to this beautiful photo of what was once the gardeners cottage. The tulips compliment this piece of architecture so well. The Tulip Festival is another beautiful thing that Rotorua is home of, the tulip festival consists of a 10 day festival of 100,000 tulips and over 40 separate events on the programme. This festival brings people out to enjoy the out doors, meet new people, take stunning photos to share with their families if they are on holiday in New Zealand, and just makes Rotorua's atmosphere amazing. Me myself love this time of year, its the time of year where Rotorua looks absolutely stunning.