#20 My Wonderland
My entry shows a Koru which I took a photo of at Hamurana Spring, which represents new life, growth and strength. The Koru is incorporated into my photograph of the geothermal activity in Waiotapu. The geothermal pool represents the natural beauty of the Rotorua Region and what we as Rotorua residents have to strive to protect. I'm currently studying in Dunedin, being so far away from home (Rotorua) I've had time to think about what's so special about Rotorua, and to me it's definitely the unique thermal activity and our untouched natural beauty. I really wanted to create a piece of art that shows exactly how I see Rotorua, so if someone was to ever ask me "what is Rotorua like" I could just show them a picture and they'd get a sense of the place we call home and I definitely think this photo does that.