What is a speed limit review?

    As the local road controlling authority, Council is responsible for reviewing and setting speed limits on all local roads in the district. The Transport Agency manages speed limits for all State Highways.  

    Council conducts speed limit reviews approximately every three years, focusing on roads that have been subject to public submissions (mainly through annual plan consultation), roads where changes have occurred (eg development) or for some other specific reason (eg recommendation from a Coroner’s report).

    How often does Council review speed limits?

    Approximately every three years. The previous review was conducted in 2014. 

    Each review must undergo specific assessments against guidelines set by the New Zealand Transport Agency, be recommended and approved by Councillors and go through a round of public consultation before new speed limits can be applied.

    How do I request that a speed limit be reviewed?

    You can suggest a review of a speed limit at any time. It is best to put your request in writing and sent it to Rotorua Lakes Council. 

    Council also reviews speed limits on roads where changes have occurred, where serious crashes have taken place or if a Coroner makes a recommendation.