What would be included in the waste collection service?

There are two ways residents could receive the waste collection service, depending on the landscape and how accessible your property is to collection trucks. (See which service is available to your property using the map here) Your property would receive either:

● Wheelie bin collection (available to those properties in the purple area on the map)
– A 140 litre rubbish bin for household rubbish, a 240 litre recycling bin for mixed recycling and a 40 litre crate for glass recycling.

● Red plastic bag collection (available to those properties in the orange area on the map) – 52 x 60 litre plastic bags for household rubbish only.

Depending on the landscape, households would have rubbish collected from either; the kerbside outside the property, from one side of the road only, or from a ‘collection point’ nearby. Some roads may become more accessible if they are sealed in future.

What are the benefits of the proposed service?

  • Improved waste management options for your household/property
  • A reduction in the amount of waste being buried or burned in the Rotorua district
  • An increase in items being recycled and a reduction in the amount of rubbish going to landfill

What would it cost to get a kerbside collection service for my property through Council?

The waste service is a targeted annual rate of $221.27 per dwelling on the property. This rate is the same across the district.

What other areas in Rotorua have a waste service through Council?

All other rural, lakes and urban areas in the Rotorua District have a waste service through Council. Currently, Ngakuru, Upper Atiamuri and Horohoro are the only areas that don’t receive Council’s waste collection service.

For more information and FAQs visit rotorualakescouncil.nz/RuralWaste2021

Why should I give my feedback?

While Council has heard from a number of interested individuals, we now need to gauge interest from all households in your areas. It is important to have your say so that we can better understand the needs of your community.

How can I place feedback?

Let us know if you want Council’s waste collection service in your community by:

  • Filling out the online survey here
  • Calling Council’s Customer Centre on 07 3484 199 and providing your feedback over the phone
  • Completing the slip that was emailed to letterboxes in Ngakuru, Upper Atiamuri and Horohoro, and returning it to Council using the freepost envelope provided

Please only use one of these options to provide feedback. If you have any queries please contact Council’s Customer Centre on 07 348 4199 or email info@rotorualc.nz

What happens next?

In order to provide a service and charge rates accordingly, elected members would need to vote in favour of extending the waste collection service. Your feedback will inform elected members’ decision making about this proposal.

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