How could changes to Marguerita Street affect other roads/streets nearby?

    Traffic modelling data has suggested that the closure would most likely affect Sala Street and Sophia Street by increasing the traffic that would use these routes.

    The reason for the increase of traffic using Sophia Street is because traffic traveling from or to the south-western suburbs to eastern Rotorua who currently use Marguerita Street would shift off Devon Street to Sophia as that is a shorter route through to Sala Street. 

    Given Sala Street’s current status as a State Highway, the effect would most likely be unnoticeable however, the increase on Sophia Street would be noticeable.

    Who has Council consulted so far?

    Council has heard from residents and a number of businesses. 

    We are now working through a process to engage with those residents and businesses who haven't yet provided feedback as well as the wider community.

    When will a decision be made?

    Feedback closes 31 July 2020. 

    Once all feedback has been received and collated, a report will be prepared to go to Council for their consideration. 

    The final decision will be made by the full Council before the end of the year.

    What has happened so far to improve safety?

    Council has responded to safety concerns in the interim with improved signage and road markings to give the impression of a narrow road, which encourages lower speeds. 

    Parking enforcement has also been active in the area and Council is arranging for barriers to be added to grass verges at the residential end of the street, which will help to reduce the instances of illegal parking on Marguerita Street.

    What is the average speed for Marguerita Street?

    Council undertook a period of traffic speed counts. The data suggested that on average, traffic travels within the posted speed limit of 50km/hr. It was found that 15% of vehicles exceeded the speed limit.