Why develop Hamurana reserve?

    In 2013 the Hamurana and Awahou Residents and Ratepayers Association (HARRA) made a submission to Council’s 2013/14 Annual Plan requesting that Council prepare a plan for future development of the Hamurana Lakefront Reserve. This followed the removal of houses that previously occupied the reserve. 

    The submission was supported by Council and Council staff worked with representatives of HARRA and Ngati Rangiwewehi on a draft development plan which went out for public consultation in 2017.

    The public were asked to feed back on a number of key priorities which formed part of the final development plan which is now being implemented.

    What work is going to take place?

    Based on the Development Plan that the public fed back on and the priorities that were identified the following aspects will be implemented:

    • A formed pathway running the length of the reserve. The path will be created out of compacted limechip which is a permanent all weather surface.

    • Signage in the reserve will be updated with an added focus on points of interest, cultural significance and history of the land.

    • A bollard fence will be erected along defined areas of the reserve to restrict vehicle access.

    • The playground will have a bit of a refresh with new play equipment, a water fountain, planting and new park furniture installed.

    • Tree remedial works and earth levelling in some areas where old building remnants remain.

    All plans have taken into consideration the natural character of the reserve and will retain the undeveloped feel that was highlighted as something that was important to keep.

    The walkway material of limechip and wooden park furniture have been considered to fit more within the natural character of the reserve.

    Why is vehicle access being restricted in some areas?

    Feedback from the community highlighted that vehicles on the reserve was a safety issue, they damaged the reserve and that illegal dumping was a problem in the area.

    To provide a safer environment and to try and reduce the incidents of illegal dumping parts of the reserve will be fenced off. Considerations have been made to not over fence the reserve to maintain its natural character as much as possible.

    What are you doing to stop motorbikes/vehicles on the reserve?

    Along with bollard fencing on parts of the reserve to restrict motorbike and vehicles access Council is also updating signage in the area to remind users of the reserve restrictions.

    The public are also encouraged to report offenders to the Police by calling the *555 hotline and passing on the registration number.

    How long will the development take, and how much will it cost?

    The project has been given a $250,000 budget split over two financial years (2017/2018 and 2018/2019) to deliver the work.

    It is expected to take at least seven months and is hoped to be completed by December 2018 in time for summer.

    How will you address the issue of erosion at the Hamurana reserve?

    We are aware that erosion is an ongoing issue at the reserve. We are working with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and the Te Arawa Lakes Trust to obtain an all-encompassing resource consent that would enable us to implement a variety of erosion control measures as required. This will eliminate the requirement to go through the administrative process for new resource consents each time any new erosion protection works is required.

    Funds for these works have been allocated in the 2018-2018 Long-term Plan.

    What’s happening with the northern end toilets closer to the Hamurana Springs?

    Overnight parking is being trialled at this end of the Hamurana Reserve over the peak season. Work has been undertaken to refresh the toilets and the cleaning regime is being increased over the summer. Parking has been allocated and marked for a limited number of campervans. These visitors will be allowed to stay for a maximum of 2 consecutive nights. Watchdog Security will be visiting the site daily to move on any campers not parked in a designated spot.

    Will the jetties and carparks be upgraded?

    At this stage there is no urgent requirement to upgrade these facilities however the 2018-2018 Long-term Plan does have provision to dedicate $1.9 million to lakes infrastructure enhancements including jetties and boat ramps.