Ō Reiti - Your rates

7 months ago
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So what does this Annual Plan 19/20 mean for your rates?

Please use this place to ask questions, have discussion and understand how the rates increases affect you.

For more information on rates, how they are charged and your property charges here.

  • Fairhall 8 months ago
    Why aren't the proposed rate increases shown as inclusive of GST since most ratepayers will be paying the GST. I would also like to know why the previous financial years income is used to work out a rates rebate for the 2019/2020 year especially in the situation where the ratepayer is on a much reduced income with no prospect of that income increasing. It means many people have to look at moving out of the region which seems very unfair for those who have spent their life living and supporting the Rotorua community. Rotorua rates are much higher than many other regions and some of the areas that our council has choosen to spend in has puzzled me especially when they spend on works of art and cycleways when necessary intrastructure upgrades are ignored.
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