East Rotoiti | Rotomā Sewerage Scheme update - August 2019

5 August 2019

Construction of the East Rotoiti | Rotomā wastewater treatment plant

A significant component of the East Rotoiti | Rotomā wastewater scheme is nearing completion with the treatment plant due to be commissioned, and the Rotomā area ready to be switched over to operate on the new system.

Mid-August will see the commissioning (testing) phase of the plant commence and receive wastewater from the Rotomā area. The official opening of the plant will be held on 12 August 2019. This will include a pōhiri at Taurua Marae and a tour of the new plant. The plant will accept wastewater shortly after that date.

Currently the plant is undergoing testing to ensure all components are working as designed. Once the plant is deemed to be functioning correctly the commissioning of the plant with wastewater will begin. When this happens, properties at Rotomā with Septic Tank Effluent Pre-treatment (STEP) tanks installed will be transferred to the new wastewater system. The switchover phase will take around two months to complete. Contractors will need to revisit sites to switch over to the new system and decommission the existing system. Around 190 of the 212 properties at Rotomā are expected to be operating on the new system within about two months of commissioning.

You can see photos here.


The Rotomā reticulation (network of pipes) is now complete. The system has been pressure tested and is ready to commission once the plant is operational.

The Rotoiti component of the reticulation project which will extend to Tapuaekura Marae at the end of Curtis Road is now underway.

The East Rotoiti | Rotomā Sewerage Scheme aims to eventually expand and connect the Lake Rotoehu community.

Other news

So far 153 STEP tanks have been installed on properties in Rotomā.

Kōmuhumuhu (Gisborne Point) has been identified as an area of archaeological significance by Heritage New Zealand. Council has sent letters to affected home owners seeking consent to investigate the site further in the event of a significant archaeological find while work is underway. At the same time Council is also seeking consent to install on-site pre-treatment systems on their properties.

District sewerage schemes – East Rotoiti/Rotomā – targeted rates

Council committed in the 2017/18 Annual Plan to a reticulated sewerage scheme for East Rotoiti/Rotomā following engagement with the community. With significant support from the community the scheme has proceeded. There are approximately 700 properties in the service area for this scheme, which will replace current on-site systems.

The wastewater treatment plant will treat wastewater to a very high standard before it is discharged to land. This will limit the amount of nutrients entering the lake.

The total estimated capital cost of the scheme is $35.3 million, largely funded by subsidies from Ministry of Health, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Ministry for the Environment and Rotorua Lakes Council. The balance of the capital cost of constructing this system will be repaid by the ratepayers receiving the service through targeted rates.

A targeted rate to fund the operational costs of the new scheme will commence in the 2020/21 year.

Eventually all properties in the scheme area will commence payment towards the capital contribution, either by making an upfront payment of $14,100 (GST inclusive) or $1,080 (GST inclusive) per annum over 25 years. The final capital contribution is subject to the final project cost with Council working hard to ensure costs are within estimates provided to the community.

More information on rates is available HERE.

If you would like to keep up to date with this project visit: www.rotorualakescouncil.nz/rotoitirotoma

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