Why does council want us to have a service?

    The changes are part of Rotorua Lakes Council’s new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan which aims to improve services, reduce cost, improve health and safety, increase recycling and reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

    Council wants to provide all Rotorua households, including those in the rural areas, with access to a convenient, economical and sustainable waste management service.

    What services are being offered?

    Option 1 – Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection using wheelie bins and a crate for glass

    The first proposal is to provide, where practical, a service similar to that provided to urban residents.  This includes a 140 litre rubbish wheelie bin (collected weekly), and a 240 litre recycling wheelie bin and 45 litre crate for glass (collected fortnightly).

    The only difference is that in rural areas, where the distance between properties is much larger, it is uneconomical for the truck to drive each side of the road. This means some residents would need to place their bins across the road from their property.

    Option 2 – No service The third proposal is to provide no service and allow residents to continue to choose how they dispose of waste.

    However, without costs to cover waste disposal, residents would not be able to drop Council rubbish bags off at the landfill, transfer stations or collections points free of charge as residents in some communities are currently able to do.

    How much do I currently pay?

    You current do not pay anything towards a kerbside service however you contribute towards waste services such as litter, education, illegal dumping and facilities through your general rate line.

    Will I still be able to use bags?

    No matter what option council proposes in the long term plan and then implements you will no longer be able to use bags.

    If the bins aren’t big enough what options do I have?

    Residents can upgrade their bins or buy additional bins directly with our contractor, Smart Environmental.

    What are the benefits to implementing a kerbside service?

    The benefits to providing a kerbside service are:

    improve waste management options;

    reduce the amount of waste being buried or burned;

    increase recycling and  reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfills;

    meet demands for household rubbish and recycling collection.

    What will happen if council does not propose a service as part of next year’s long term plan?

    If council proposes no service as part of next year’s Long Term Plan then this will mean that the current temporary collection areas and access  landfill and transfer station drop offs won’t be available also the old bag drop off points will cease.

    Council would not consider a service again till 2021.