Te Tāpaetanga me te Tukanga Panoni i te Whakaritenga | The Submission and Plan Change Process

CLOSED: This submission period has concluded.

Make a submission

Submissions are open from 20 August to 14 October 2022. We have doubled the required public notification period for submissions to 40 working days.

About the submission process

Things to consider when making a submission

The following tips are useful when making submissions:

  • Make clear and easy to read points
  • Include your contact details
  • Identify whether you wish to speak at the hearing or not
  • Identify if you support or oppose the plan change
  • Detail the specific part of the District Plan your submission is about.

Council has included a Submission Template which can be downloaded (Form 5 - Clause 6 of First Schedule Resource Management Act 1991) to assist in making your submission. Ministry for the Environment has also provided guidance on making a submission.

Your submission should not include any issues not relevant to the plan change, as these will not be able to be considered by Council when making its decision. Please note, your submission, including your personal information, will be publicly available as part of the decision-making process.

If you have made a submission on other housing or plan change matters in the past, these can’t be used for reference on the Housing for Everyone – Plan Change 9. You need to make another submission.

The Ministry for the Environment has more information on submitting on this change on its website.

Please ensure that your submission follows Form 5 of the Resource Management Act 1991 and includes the following:

  • Name of the proposed plan change that you are submitting on- in this case “Housing for Everyone, Plan Change 9
  • State whether you could/could not gain an advantage in trade competition through this submission
  • State whether you are or are not directly affected by the proposed plan change
  • State the specific provisions of the proposal that your submission relates to
  • Detail your submission
  • State what decision you are seeking from the Rotorua Lakes Council (i.e whether you support or oppose or wish to have provisions amended.
  • State whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission and whether you would consider presenting a joint case with other similar submitters at the hearing.
  • Please sign and date your submission

Where to send your submission

Submissions must be lodged in writing and either:

Manager, Planning & Development Solutions
Rotorua Lakes Council
Freepost Authority Number 370
Private Bag 3029
Rotorua Mail Centre
Rotorua 3046
New Zealand


If you have any questions about the application, please contact customer services at policy.planning@rotorualc.nz

You can also check the Ministry for the Environment guide to making submissions.

Friend of Submitter

The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) has provided funding to appoint an independent ‘Friend of Submitter’ to help people have their say. Belinda Messenger has been appointed to this role. Belinda is a qualified, fully independent planner, who was not involved in developing Rotorua’s Housing for Everyone - Plan Change 9.

Belinda can advise people who don’t have professional assistance on the process for lodging submissions, how they can present their views, and the steps after a submission is lodged. However, please note, it is not the role of the Friend of Submitter to advise on the merits of the plan changes, or to write a submission.

The FOS Service is a free service that is available Monday to Friday 9am-4pm

Friend of submitter contact details:

Name: Belinda Messenger

Email: planchange9@resourceplanning.nz


* Your email will be used as the address for service but if you prefer service by post please inform us by email.

* Names of submitters will be published with the submissions and summary of submissions on the Council’s website.

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