Initial Stakeholder Engagement

over 2 years ago

Officers also undertook initial engagement with key stakeholders to inform the policy review.

A meeting was held with stakeholders dealing with gambling related harm, most of whom strongly supported a ‘sinking lid’ and ‘no relocations’ Policy which would result in reducing venue and machine numbers over time. They were also very clear that should relocations be allowed in any future Policy, the current rules needed to be amended to stop situations where venues could relocate close to schools.

A second meeting was held with stakeholders including gambling societies and venue operators. The view at this meeting was that the status quo should remain and that relocations should continue to be allowed for the sustainability of the businesses.

The topic was also discussed at the Destination Rotorua Board 29 January 2016 to understand any impact to the visitor sector. The Board’s agreed position was “There is minimal support for continued proliferation of existing arrangements; such as pokie gaming rooms and machines attached to various public bar environments across Rotorua”. (Board meeting minutes)
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Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, consultation on the Gambling and Board Venue Policy review has concluded. 
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