Independent Community Survey Results

over 2 years ago

The Council decided at its meeting on 1 December 2016 to supplement the review of the ‘Class 4 Gambling Venue and Board Venue Policy 2011’ with an independent community survey (Minute C16/12/018). Key findings include:

Rotorua Residents Gambling Habits

  • 389 of the 496 respondents (78.4%) indicated having done some form of gambling over a 6 month period
  • Most popular was entering a NZ raffle like LOTTO (60.7%), followed by entering a competition or purchasing raffle tickets (38.9%) and buying a scratch ticket like Instant Kiwi (30.2%)
  • 40 respondents (8.1%) had played a pokie machine outside a casino (i.e. at a pub or club)
  • Of the respondents, the average spend over a six month period was $435.38. The minimum spend was $1 and the highest $20,870.

Rotorua Residents Gambling Activity

  • The most money was spent while playing pokie machines despite this only being the sixth highest popular gambling activity
  • Respondents spent on average $1,412.81 playing pokie machines over six months
  • Of the 40 respondents (8.1%) who played pokie machines, the average visit in the six month period was 31.81 visits
  • The average spend was $44.31 per visit
  • The 40 respondents spent $56,512.50 in a six month period playing pokie machines
  • Although only the sixth most popular form of gambling, pokie machines had the highest average spend over the sixth month period.

Problem Gamblers

  • 81 respondents (16.3%) had been impacted by a problem gambler
  • The highest frequency of effects were not being able to pay bills (6.9%), followed by affecting relationships (5.0%), wasting money (4.2%) and losing savings/going bankrupt (2.4%)

Pokie Machines in Rotorua

  • Most respondents wanted the number of pokie machines to decrease (with 76.5% indicating a desire to decrease (34.6%) or greatly decrease (41.95))
  • Most respondents wanted the number of venues to decrease (with 75.5% indicating a desire to decrease (39.6%) or greatly decrease (35.9%))

Location of Pokie Machines

  • In response to information about the current placement of pokie venues in Rotorua (13 in the city centre and 13 in the suburbs), a major issue identifed was the venues in the suburbs that seemed to be targeted at low socio-economic groups. This was followed by a desire for venues to be centralised, with the possibility of a high class Casino
  • A majority of respondents (60.2%) were opposed to (26.1%) or strongly opposed (34.1%) to the ability to move machines around venues in special circumstances.

Reducing Pokie Machines

  • Most respondents indicated that the numbers of pokie machines should be reduced (87.2%) with 49.4% indicating that the numbers should be reduced at a fast rate and 37.8% indicating that numbers should be reduced at a slow rate.

Overall, key feedback from the Survey for the policy review is that:

  • Most respondents wanted the number of pokie machines to decrease in the district;
  • Most respondents wanted the number of venues to decrease in the district.

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Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, consultation on the Gambling and Board Venue Policy review has concluded. 
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