What is the Annual Plan 2020/21 consultation document?

    This consultation document outlines Council’s sustained effort required to build back confidence in our community and the economy. The Annual Plan consultation document offers you, members of our community, the chance to offer your feedback, which will guide your elected members in their decision making. This document details and provides information on all of the proposed work programmes and decisions for the 2020/21 financial year.

    What is different about the 2020/21 Annual Plan?

    The Annual Plan reflects Council’s ongoing commitment to the 2018-2028 Long-term Plan. The long-term plan connects the district’s 2030 vision to action and our investment in work programmes and projects that will benefit our community not just now, but into the future.

    The impact of COVID19 will be felt across the entire district and we now need to consider changes to the Annual Plan which recognises and focuses on our commitment to cushioning the blow of COVID-19 and implement our economic recovery strategy.

    What is Council’s role in the COVID-19 recovery?

    Our role is to make sure we support a recovery by being robust, resilient and as quick as possible. Council alone cannot make our District recover; however, we will be taking a strong leadership role in helping stimulate and support recovery.

    How does this Annual Plan 2020/21 implement the Council’s Recovery Plan – to cushion the blow and build back better?

    The Annual Plan 2020/21 consultation document outlines the eight strategies that drove the thinking of the Annual Plan and what we proposed to achieve them. Our proposed Annual Plan aims to cope with the uncertainty of the time and responds to the crisis in a tangible way, cushioning the blow and building back better. In the coming financial year our efforts towards recovery will be witnessed through:

    • Our continued delivery of essential services
    • The delivery of existing projects to support recovery
    • Economic stimulus – new capital projects that will provide work for businesses and will provide ongoing and new employment opportunities
    • The housing strategy and associated work

    What does this Annual Plan 2020/21 mean for Vision 2030?

    For the Rotorua Lakes Council, the focus has been and remains clear. Vision 2030 and the goals being pursued for the District remain central to the work of the organisation.