We are proposing to deliver our wastewater services differently...

05 Apr 2019

Why are we considering this?

The management and operation of Council’s wastewater network infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. Demands and risks on wastewater networks is a significant concern for all of New Zealand and nationally the management and delivery of wastewater services is under the microscope.

We have some major challenges ahead of us (more details in the consultation document)...

  1. Ageing network
  2. Growth
  3. Compliance
  4. Out of Forest commitment
  5. Capability - Future skill shortage in workforce
  6. Climate change
  7. Funding and financing of the services
  8. Central government - localism vs amalgamation and regulation of service and delivery

The proposal

Contract for service delivery spanning 25 years – This reflects the long lifecycles of networks and links all network systems under one comprehensive set of performance objectives

Operate-Maintain-Renew – The contractor will be responsible for:
  • All operations to maintain networks in stable and reliable condition
  • Deliver required level of service
  • Comply with all resource consent measures

Design-Build-Operate-Maintain-Renew – The upgraded wastewater treatment plant in accordance with resource consent conditions (when known)

What has been undertaken to date?

This has been a three stage process:

  • Expressions of Interest form suitably qualified groups/consortia/companies
  • Request for tender and shortlisting following extensive testing, interviews and reference checking
  • Preferred consortia presented to Council
  • Ongoing work with consortia to develop viable and prudent proposal
  • Proposal supported in principle by Council subject to community feedback and peer review of all aspects of the contract

He aha ō whakaaro? What do you think? We would like to know your views on this proposed change to how we deliver wastewater services.

Do you support in principle for the long term contracting of our wastewater services? Contracting out allows Council to gain certainty in risk management, future and ongoing costs, reliability and performance management?

Next steps:

  • Your feedback will be combined along with the details of the contract and costs to operate in this way.
  • This will be presented to Council in June
  • Council will consider and decide to either enter into a transition of service and award of contract
  • Further consultation would be required for Council to contract out long term our wastewater services. This consultation would require details of the contract and costing prior to Council making a final decision.

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