Shared Zone

Shared zones aim to remove the segregation of road users so that pedestrians also share the roadway and, as such, no formal footpaths are required. The concept relies on the removal of typical street elements including line-markings, signage and kerbs, with the addition of extra street furniture such as seats, cycle parking and landscaping. This results in an intentional level of ambiguity so that drivers proceed with caution and at slow speeds. People cycling and driving in shared zones are expected to travel in a way that is consistent with a walking pace, and are legally required to give way to pedestrians.

The Council is considering establishing ‘shared zones’ in areas of the CBD.

To better provide for shared zones, officers propose to establish a power similar to that adopted by other Councils[1] to establish and regulate the use of shared zones under a bylaw.

Rather than amending the General Bylaw 2011 to include provisions concerning shared zones, officers recommend that the Rotorua District Council Traffic Bylaw 2015 be amended to include provisions concerning shared paths, as follows:

Amend the definitions clause of Rotorua District Council Traffic Bylaw 2015 by inserting the following definition of “shared zone”:

Shared zone means a length of roadway intended to be used by pedestrians and vehicles (including cyclists).

Amend the Rotorua District Council Traffic Bylaw 2015 by inserting the following provisions as new clause 31 and renumbering the remaining clauses of the bylaw:

31 Shared zones

31.1 Council may by resolution specify any road or part of a road to be a shared zone.

31.2 Any resolution made under this clause may specify:

31.2.1 Whether the shared zone may be used by specified classes of vehicles;

31.2.2 The days and hours of operation of the shared zone (if they differ from 24 hours per day, 7 days per week); and

31.2.3 Any other restrictions on how the shared zone is to be used by the public, including how traffic and pedestrians will interact.

31.3 Except where the Council has by resolution specified otherwise, no person may park or stand a vehicle in a road or part of a road specified as a shared zone.

31.4 No person may use a shared zone in a manner that contravenes a restriction made by the Council under this clause.

[1]See the proposed Christchurch City Council Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2017.

Consultation has concluded - Report being prepared for Council consideration.

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