Shared Path

The Urban Cycleways Programme began in 2014 with the aim of making significant improvements to cycling infrastructure in New Zealand’s main urban areas. In Rotorua, a city-wide network of cycleways is being established which will connect suburbs and main arterial routes to the CBD, some major tourist attractions and to the Whakarewarewa Forest / Redwoods area. Many of the cycleways allow for shared use by cyclists and pedestrians.

To better regulate the cycleways for shared use by cyclists and pedestrians, officers propose to establish a power similar to that adopted by other Councils[1] to establish and regulate the use of shared paths under a bylaw.

Rather than amending the General Bylaw 2011 to include provisions concerning shared paths, officers recommend that the Rotorua District Traffic Bylaw 2015 be amended to include these provisions, as follows:

Amend the definitions clause of the Rotorua District Council Traffic Bylaw 2015 by inserting the following definition of “shared path”:

Shared path means a cycle path, a cycle track, a footpath, or some other kind of path that may be used by some or all of the following persons at the same time – (a) cyclists; (b) pedestrians; (c) riders of mobility devices; and (d) riders of wheeled recreational devices.

Amend the Rotorua District Council Traffic Bylaw 2015 by inserting the following provisions as new clause 30 and renumbering the remaining clauses of the bylaw:

30 Shared paths

30.1 Council may by resolution –

30.1.1 Determine the length, route and/or location of a shared path; and

30.1.2 Determine priority for users on a shared path.

30.2 No person may use a shared path in a manner that contravenes a restriction made by the Council under this clause.

[1]See the proposed Christchurch City Council Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2017.

Consultation has concluded - Report being prepared for Council consideration.

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