Summary of submissions and further Submissions

Submissions and further submissions on Plan Change 3 - Significant Natural Areas have been loaded onto our website via the relevant links below.

These are presented here in two forms:

  1. In full, initial submissions compiled into one document here with a contents page to locate submissions by submitter name (some personal details have been deleted).
  2. In full, further submissions as above here
  3. In summary form, as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet and PDF file (more details on this below)

The Excel spreadsheet allows you to filter the summary of submissions by particular topics.

We recommend you read at least the submission points relating to your SNA, as well as the topics relating to SNAs generally or groups of sites.

Tips for using the spreadsheet:

  1. Open the spreadsheet
  2. Click 'enable editing'
  3. You can filter by 'topic' (circled in red below) which views ALL topics
  4. You can select or deselect by any topic that you are interested in (circled in orange below)
  5. The green line highlights some general sub groups of SNA feedback (mainly feedback from organisations/advocacy groups)
  6. The blue line highlights feedback specific to an SNA number

Consultation has concluded

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