What is a 'Streamlined Plan Change Process'?

7 months ago

One of the amendments to the RMA in 2017 was the inclusion of provisions enabling the use of a Streamlined Plan Change Process (SPP)4.

The SPP enables a shortened Plan Change process to occur in a limited range of circumstances – this includes:

  • Plan Changes that are implementing a national direction e.g. the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPS UDC); and/or
  • Plan Changes that are being used to meet a significant community need.

We believe there is a strong argument that the need for additional housing in Rotorua triggers both of these criteria. Rotorua Lakes Councillors have approved this approach and have moved that an application will be made to the Minister for the Environment to use the Streamlined Plan Change Process,

The key difference between the standard ‘1st Schedule’ Plan Change process and the SPP is the removal of appeal rights. However, this approach still provides significant opportunities for public participation, whether that is land owners, neighbours.

For more information on the Streamlined Plan Change Process here