Ngongotahā Action Plan workstream update

9 months ago

The Ngongotahā Flood Review (NFR) project is aimed at reducing the risk and impact of future storm events in Ngongotahā. The Ngonogtahā Action Plan was developed by the Rotorua Lakes Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, the Community Reference Group and the wider community to achieve the project objectives.

The NFR project is split into five work streams. Each one has objectives based on recommendations made by the Independent Flood Review Panel. Here’s a snapshot of what’s been completed since our last update in July.

Stream repairs and maintenance

  • A detailed work programme has been developed for the next 12 months that includes general vegetation maintenance and planting, repairs to erosion sites, maintenance to overflow paths. A stream maintenance plan is also being prepared to include scheduling for inspections and maintenance standards.
  • A community planting day was held on August 24 with one thousand grasses and sedges planted along the Ngongotahā Stream.

Engineering, modelling and options

  • The list of flood mitigation options has been reduced from 12 to 6. Modelling will soon commence to find out whether these options (by themselves or combined) will be effective.

Civil defence and readiness

  • A Community Response Plan is in development for Paradise Valley. The focus has been on bringing residents together to form a working group for initial development of a plan.
  • On-going discussions are being had with various groups and individuals within Ngongotahā to encourage participation in developing a plan for Ngongotahā community.
  • A recent survey highlighted that just over half of those surveyed in affected areas in Ngongotahā and Paradise Valley did not have a family emergency plan or emergency kit prepared.
  • The Ngongotahā Stream Emergency Resilience and Evacuation Plan is available for consultation by the community.

RMA planning and consents

  • We’ve reviewed the Engineering Code of Practice. Council is intending to adopt and adapt Waikato Regional Council’s Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications (RITS).
  • Scoping is underway to review Council's 'rule book' (District Plan) to identify potential improvements regarding development near flood-risk areas.

Upper catchment considerations

  • A drone survey was completed for the Taurangamiromiro Stream from Relph Road to the Lion Park.
  • Water quality monitoring has commenced at 9 sites and on-going monitoring will occur monthly over the next 12 months.
  • Large tree removal at Taurangamiromiro Stream to commence in October.
  • Future work – further surveillance and maintenance planning of the stream from the Lion Park down to SH5.
  • Continuing to work with landowners interested in land use change and riparian protection

Clarification of roles and responsibilities

  • BOPRC and RLC signed an MOU in July clarifying their respective roles and responsibilities relating to the maintenance of Ngongotahā Stream.
  • Next steps involve building awareness of frontline staff.

Connecting the Ngongotahā Community

  • Meetings have been held with local community groups to share what we've been doing.
  • Two planting days were held on the 2nd & 24th of August
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